Grant to DryHootch

Grant to DryHootch

The photo attached was at Madison DryHootch when MC Denny Behr presented our check to DryHootch.

Calvin Tucker, former Site Manager and current Certified Peer Specialist, is on the left.  Melinda Dresen, current Site Manager at DryHootch, is in the center.  Master Chief represents LMSG; he is on the right.  Tucker is an Army Veteran (during Vietnam), is totally blind, and has been an outstanding representative of the efforts to support needy veterans in Madison.  Dresen battles hereditary, degenerative blindness, and has been an important part of the DryHootch operation for some time.

Some of the projects requiring financial support at DryHootch are:  art therapy classes; yoga classes; many monthly "comrade-building" activities; and vets' families events.

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