LMSG Board Members

epopsahlw@aol.com | Erhard Opsahl, President

dennybehr@aol.com | Denny Behr, Vice President

stephaniewentzlaff@gmail.com | Stephanie Wentzlaff , Communications Director

pastorw1580@gmail.com | Rev. Larry Wentzlaff, LMSG Chaplain

treasurer@lutheranmilitary.org | LuVerne Boes, Treasurer

membership@lutheranmilitary.org | John Stedman, Membership Chairman

WELSNationalChaplain@lutheranmilitary.org or FacingPTSD@lutheranmilitary.org| Rev. Paul Ziemer, WELS Chaplain



There are no requirements or commitments to our organization when you donate...

other then a charitable heart and mind

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