INTRODUCTION:  Each Chapter and Liaison in the LMSG is to be congratulated for all that they do in supporting the mission of the LMSG and in having ideas for creating new support projects and events both on the local and the national level. It is these creative and thoughtful ideas that can be used to support our Active Duty, Veterans, and Military Families.

It is hoped that the efforts of these Chapters will serve as a continual reminder for ourselves of the words of Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

Feel free to contact a the submitter if you want more detail on their ideas and projects and events.

“A Handbook/Field Manual For WELS/ELS Members Serving in the Military”
Submitted by Mr. Dennis Lemke

Mr. Lemke is involved in his LMSG Chapter.  His idea was immediately picked up by the Board who has now formed a Committee to take his idea and develop it further in a spiritual tool that each Active Duty church member will be able to use to strengthen one’s faith in Christ while in the service stateside or worldwide.

We appreciate your 5-Star idea, Dennis, and we thank you.

 “M.O.M.S. Mothers of Military Service People”

 Submitted by Mr. Brian Seehausen

Mr. Seehausen is actively involved in his WELS Chapter in Crete, Illinois, and has been in frequent contact with the office of the National Liaison.

This M.O.M.S. group ministers to the congregational members by sharing, encouraging, and supporting the military mothers within the congregation, and by doing the same with the men and women involved in military service. They continue to expand their ministry, by having added an “Adopt a Soldier” program.

Brian, we pray that God also bless your church in this area of ministry as your ladies continue to expand this 5-Star program.

"Memorial Day Reflections Project."

Submitted by Mr. William Overn

Mr. Overn heads this project in his ELS congregation in which over the years he has amassed a treasure trove of histories of members who have served in the military. He interviews…He researches…He edits and prints a large amount of historical information so that the stories and lives will not be forgotten each Memorial Day. He does all this despite his advancing years.

May God bless you, Bill, with stamina and good health in this labor-intensive area of ministry.

“Welcome Home All Veterans Benefit Event”

Submitted by Pastor Edward Bryant

Pastor Bryant, an ELS pastor in Lombard, IL, spearheaded an effort to take the church’s enthusiasm for supporting the troops and tie it in with a local event that is sponsored by others in the community.  This was their first effort in having to coordinate with another group, but their hard work and persistence paid off in allowing them to get exposure and make contact with many service families and friends.

May your congregation and you, Pastor Bryant, be encouraged to continue to be willing to take on the unknown and to be reminded that He is right there with you, blessing your outreach.

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