Special Projects

Please discover about our on-going interests and efforts.

Active Duty Support

lmsg-activeWe will be prepared to provide logistical, financial, educational and human resources support to WELS Military Services. As current and former military people who have been, or currently are, “over there”, we bring a host of skills, relationships, and perspectives not generally found among civilian church leadership.

Veteran Support

lmsg-retiredOur initial efforts are centered around supporting and enhancing Synodical activities in addressing PTSD.  Military Services, through Pastor Paul Ziemer and others, is very involved in education, training and addressing PTSD from a spiritual/pastor’s perspective.  We at LMSG bring personal expertise to the areas of PTSD and PTSD treatment.

Military Family Support

lmsg-familiesThose of us who have served are acutely aware of the critical role military families play in creating and maintaining an effective military force, and we are also aware of the unique hardships suffered by families of active duty/forward-based/forward deployed troops, and also the unique hardships suffered by the family members of veterans.  Not only are veteran family members supporting those who have served, but in a real and tangible way, military family members have also served, sacrificed and suffered in their own right.  For military families we are working to create an annual, Synod-wide, recognition day.  We are also looking at supporting connectivity, catechism, and bible information/education class opportunities for the family members stationed at remote locations who otherwise would go without.

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