Grants Awarded in 2016 & 2017


$1,500-National Chaplain's office in order to pay for Pastor Gumm's expense to fly from Hawaii to Okinawa in order to hold Christmas services for our families stations there. Click here to read about the trip

$1,000-Was gifted to new WELS Congregation, Redemption Lutheran in Watertown, New York and Pastor Aaron Goetzinger. This new congregation is very close to Camp Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division, U.S. Army. Most of the congregation is associated with the military.

$5,000-Was gifted to WELS Military Service Committee to help sponsor the Military Contact Pastors working conference in San Antonio, TX in fall of 2016.

$1,000-Was gifted to Dry Hooch Veterans Support Group in Madison, WI. ELS provides a pastor for weekly spiritual counseling. Pastor's from both ELS, WELS and LMSG Board Members help with Dry Hooch Events. Click here to read about Dry Hooch Grant

$5,000-Was gifted to WELS Military Service Committee to support the vacancy of European Chaplaincy, while a new call is extended.

$500-Was gifted to "God and Grub", part of WELS Institutional Ministries. They minister to homeless Veterans, offer life skill classes and one-on-one counseling in the Milwaukee Metro area.

$2,500-Was gifted to National Chaplain's office for travel expense and other costs associated with the Chaplin's Office.

$5,000-Was gifted to the LMSG Veterans Support Group to fund a spiritual retreat for a group of WELS and ELS combat Veterans, Fall 2016.

$3,500- Was gifted to fund additional worship services in Guam or Okinawa, through the WELS National Chaplain's Office.

$1,500- Was gifted to ELS Memorial in Honor of fallen POW Don Heiliger. Click here to read about Don Heiliger

$2,000- Was gifted to the Blue Star Mother's postage expense for fall care packages to deployed troops.

$5,000- Was gifted to WELS Home Mission Fund for Fayetteville Congregation (outside Fort Bragg) for building expansion.

$600- Was gifted to Grace Lutheran Church Navy Wives for care packages to USS Eisenhower.

$3,600- Was gifted to Time of Grace Armed Forces Network in order to pay for Military Minutes Programming.

$5,000- Was gifted to the National Chaplain's Office for travel Military Contact Pastor Support and Active Duty Service Support.

$13,500- Was gifted to WELS Military Services Committee for Chaplain Stuppy's assignment to Europe (move, travel expenses, etc.).

$250- Was gifted to ELS Veteran Outreach.


$11,000-To Time of Grace for one quarter of Military Minutes on the Armed Forces Network.

$1,000- Was gifted to the Schroeder Family. Army Pilot Steve Schroeder badly injured in Blackhawk Crash at Ft. Campbell. Steve Schroeder is a former WELS Pastor.







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